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Additive Concentrates

Additive Concentrates

To address complex coloring demands of the plastic industry, we manufacture a range of additive concentrates including antioxidants, slip agents, UV blockers, antimicrobials, and light diffused additives. The versatile nature of our additives make them suitable for use in polymer processing applications such as blow molding, injection molding, rotational molding, and extrusion. Based on your specific requirements, our team can custom formulate and prepare compound additive concentrates that enhance the stability, color, or other performance properties of virtually all types of base resins.

Our light diffused additives augment the translucent luster of a variety of plastic products, including extruded tubes and sheets, ...
chroma concentrate

Standard Colors

To provide customers with easy-to-use dyes as well as reduce our lead time, we have standardized some of our popular colorants. Our standard black plus standard white colorants are available as pre colors and masterbatches in different engineering resins. Adhering to FDA as well as HMF standards, we develop high quality standard colors in short production cycles suitable for use in injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, and rigid packaging applications.

Whether you manufacture parts using injection molding or extrusion, our standard colors are optimized to ease your processing tasks. Standard colors are available in a range of carrier resins, including ABS, PS, EVA, PE, Nylon, PP, PC, and LDPE, while MC85571, ...

Custom Colors

Our commitment to develop superior color formulations at economical cost ensures reliable service and high performance products to customers with custom coloring needs. Factors including resin, processing equipment, color tolerances, regulatory guidelines, as well as performance requirements are taken into consideration in matching the color or compound. Chroma’s superior formulating knowledge will match the color for enhanced performance factors such as; superior pigment dispersion, eliminate plate out, minimize weld lines, increase cycle times, etc. Considering all these factors, our color experts will work closely with you to address your custom coloring and compounding needs. To solve coloring problems, a team of experienced ...

Special Effects

With over four decades of experience in offering coloring solutions to the thermoplastic industry, we can formulate and manufacture a complete line of special effect colorants suitable for imparting granite-like, textured, metallic, glittering, as well as sparkling effects on plastic products. Customers can improve the aesthetic appearance of their plastics products using our special effect colorants that include photochromic, thermochromic, fluorescent, edgeglow, granite, marble, metallic, mottles, and frosted colorants. These special effect colorants can be produced in different forms such as precolored resins and masterbatches.

Our special effect colorants can be used for enhancing the visual appearance of plastic products such as housewares, toys, recreational items, and interior decorating products. Plastic based, solid surface manufacturers can make use of our granite colorants for producing their plastic laminates in an assortment of patterns and colors. These granite colorants can also be used for manufacturing cost effective plastic laminates that look like stone granites. Market Point, Custom, Premier, and Special Effect are some standard granite colorants available. We can also formulate and manufacture special effect colorants customized to your specific coloring requirements.

Photoluminescent (Glow in the Dark)

Our photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark formulations are formulated for use in rotational molding, profile extrusion, injection mold, blow molding and other plastic processes. Chroma Glow is our light stable formulation that some have been independently tested to have 32 hours of glow life. Tests conducted by an independent laboratory proved the glow longevity and brilliance of rotationally molded parts, manufactured using Chroma Glow mini pellets. These tests were performed using the specifications of the DIN 67 510 parts 1-4 glow standard.

We are continuously working to expand our Chroma Glow line of products. Currently, Chroma Glow is available in blue and green glow colors. Based on your specific requirements, we can ...
Dry Color

Dry Colors

Adhering to high quality standards and Lean Manufacturing practices, we formulate and manufacture dry colorants in powder forms suitable for a variety of applications in the thermoplastics industry. Our dry, free flowing, low dusting colorants and additive formulations can be used for coloring thermoplastic resins such as olefins, styrenics, nylons, polyesters, acrylics, as well as sulfone polymers.

In injection or blow molding applications, our dry colorants and additive products can be used for coloring materials developed in small production runs. These easy-to-blend dry colorants can also be used in the production of sample parts and for coloring rotational molded products. We produce dry colorants and additive ...

Toll Compounding

Resin manufacturers and distributors, seeking to increase their compounding capacities without plant expansion costs, can benefit from our toll compounding services. Our development centers are equipped with state-of-the-art FCM compounding lines, twin screw extruders, and computerized color matching systems to meet your custom engineering, extrusion compounding, color matching, pulverizing, blending, plus color formulation needs. Customers can make use of our expertise in compounding over 30,000 formulations, global manufacturing facilities, and high quality service to expand their product lines with high performance masterbatches, compounds, as well as other specialized products.

We accept product specifications, ...
color lab capabilities

Color Lab Capabilities

Our color laboratories are fully equipped with computerized color matching systems and analytical testing equipment for developing your customized colorants plus specialized additives. We can solve critical color problems right on your shop floor. Technical expertise as well as state-of-the-art equipment to formulate, compound, process, plus manufacture superior formulations, distinguishes us from peer players, enhancing our credibility beyond that of a custom compounder of color and additive concentrates for thermoplastics.

Adhering to CONEG, NSF and FDA standards, our team has formulated over 200 dyes plus pigments to address standard coloring needs. With over 30,000 archived formulations, our color library serves as an ...
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