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Additive Concentrates

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To address complex coloring demands of the plastic industry, we manufacture a range of additive concentrates including antioxidants, slip agents, UV blockers, antimicrobials, and light diffused additives. The versatile nature of our additives make them suitable for use in polymer processing applications such as blow molding, injection molding, rotational molding, and extrusion. Based on your specific requirements, our team can custom formulate and prepare compound additive concentrates that enhance the stability, color, or other performance properties of virtually all types of base resins.

Our light diffused additives augment the translucent luster of a variety of plastic products, including extruded tubes and sheets, knobs, as well as crowns of plastic light bulbs. When these backlit plastic products are used with LED sources, our light diffused concentrates eliminate the normally-caused hot spots to transmit more light. We can manufacture light diffused additives as color concentrates or pre-compounded products suitable for use with acrylic, polyester, and polycarbonate resins.

Chroma Lazer-Tec, our multi-functional laser enhanced marking additive, is used for imparting permanent marks on your polymer and glass surfaces. Lazer-Tec can be used for making clean, consistent, and legible marks on surfaces manufactured from styrenics, polyolefin, as well as engineering grade resins. Our laser enhanced marking additives are available in clear transparent forms or multifunctional masterbatches suitable for enhancing the color and UV resistance of plastic products. Our singular and multi-functional additives are recognized throughout the thermoplastics industry for their high quality and consistency.

With an aim to solve the Taste and Odor (T&O) issues facing the beverage industry, we have developed high performance, Low Taste and Odor (LT&O) additives suitable for use in the manufacture of bottles plus closures. Adhering to the testing protocols adopted by several beverage companies, our LT&O additives are manufactured in liquid and pellet masterbatches. To protect the surface of synthetic fibers, rubber, and plastics from microorganisms, our team has also developed a range of antimicrobial additives. These antimicrobial additives are available as compounded products or masterbatches to protect plastic surfaces from degradation and staining caused by mold, bacteria, fungi, or mildew.

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