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Liquid Color

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Custom compounding liquid colorants for thermoplastics, prepared from a blend of pigments, dispersion aids, carriers, and various additives, is our specialty. We manufacture liquid colorants as well as additive packages suitable for use in extrusion, injection, and blow molding applications. Our liquid colorants, free from agglomeration, migration, streaking, splay, and plate-out, are compatible with all types of olefins, styrenics, as well as engineering resins. Based on your specific packaging requirements, we can ship liquid colorants in drums of varying sizes to the specified location.

To enhance the physical properties and appearance of final products, we manufacture functional additives such as antioxidants, slip agents, UV blockers, plus photoluminescent pigments that can be incorporated into liquid colorants. By using our Low Taste and Odor (LT&O) additive packages that are available in both liquid and pellet masterbatch forms, packaging companies can solve their Taste and Odor (T&O) issues associated with the manufacture of bottles as well as closures.



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